Fresno County, California, Measure E, California State University Fresno Programs and Facilities Sales Tax Initiative (March 2024)


From the ballot: California State University, Fresno Facility and Academic Program Improvement Initiative Measure. Shall the measure expanding access in nursing, agriculture, criminology, science, engineering, other fields; repairing/upgrading campus facilities; providing safe drinking water; making campus more accessible for people with disabilities; providing scholarships for local students, veterans, by establishing a county wide 1/4 cent sales tax, except in jurisdictions where the tax exceeds the combined rate limit, providing approximately $63,000,000 annually for 25 years with audits, public spending disclosure, be adopted?

How this affects you and the Central Valley:

Measure E has been placed on the ballot once again for Fresno County residents to vote. This measure addresses the needs of the dilapidated facilities at Fresno State University and all the repairs that are greatly needed. The question is not whether these repairs are needed, but rather what the solution should be. Measure E is asking for the Fresno County taxpayer to pay for these costs, whilst those opposed argue that there are enough taxes imposed through property, sales, and income.

What residents have been asked to consider is why the taxpayer should pay for what is seen as the California State University system’s responsibility. A presented solution is requesting an audit from the State’s expenditures on the different programs to determine where money is going and whether it should be redirected.

Those are concerns you should consider when voting on this measure.
What may be presented as a small tax to the residents of Fresno County, is one that most impacts overtaxed low-income residents. As stated on the Cal Matters website, “Taxation and Economic Policy found the bottom 20 percent of California families making $23,000 or less spend 6.8 percent of their family income on sales tax, the most of any group.”

Fresno State University is the pride and joy of our valley, so it is no surprise that hundreds of thousands of dollars are being spent on marketing campaigns to remind you of this for the purpose of gaining your vote.

Consider that our taxes could address many other important matters in the Central Valley before upgrading facilities at the university. When we remove our emotions and focus on the facts, is it the CSU system that should be responsible in addressing Fresno State’s needs, or yours?

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“The measure shifts tax burdens from the entire State of California directly to our county’s working poor, who are among the most impoverished people in the entire country. The increase also disproportionately affects people who do not have money to run their own million-dollar campaign advertisements in opposition.”

“My strong personal opposition to Measure E has nothing to do with Fresno State. In fact, as a member of Congress, I strongly supported the university, which suffered due to a lack of sufficient funds from the state of California. But punishing Fresno’s taxpayers for the failures of the state is the wrong way to improve Fresno State.”

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